Fitness & Mobility Program

If you are just starting your fitness journey, looking to make further progress or you are experiencing pain or discomfort that is holding you back from enjoying life fully, this program is the next step towards reaching your goals.

How it Works

Starting with a full body assessment by a MEND|RX therapist, we create a personalized profile of your physical health by measuring: posture, BMI, range of motion, muscle length, gait, muscle strength, grip strength, as well as taking into account lifestyle factors and your personal fitness goals.

We address injuries, areas of chronic pain, muscle imbalances and create a manageable plan that will help you get results.


We then work closely with you to help modify your training or exercise program (where needed) and maximize your results. We account for injuries, imbalances or other factors unique to you, while at the same time eliminating pain, enhancing performance and improving mobility.

We also give you the support, guidance and knowledge you need to reach you goals.

Making Progress

We regularly reassess throughout the process to ensure you are making progress. We communicate directly with your trainer and give regular updates so you can see the progress you are making.

Achieving Your Goals

The goal of this program is to keep you in the game and feeling your best. Optimize your physical health, reduce or eliminate pain, help improve your fitness and future proof your body from daily wear and tear.

We believe in being proactive about health and are excited to be working with a team that shares that philosophy.

If you are ready to bring your fitness and well being to the next level, book your assessment today.


This program is covered by most insurance plans and can be direct billed under physiotherapy. For more information, get in touch or ask your trainer.